CNC Machining

CNC Milling

CNC Milling is the process of removing material from a solid billet of material by a rotating tool. The workpiece is moved in relation to the tool so complex shapes can be made.

We Have a brand new Haas CNC Milling Machine and are based close to Lincoln in the UK. We specialise in milling engineering plastics like Delrin, Acetal, PVC and PEEK and metals like Aluminium, Steel and Cast Iron.

CNC Milling Machine in Lincolnshire
CNC Lathe and Turning in Lincolnshire

CNC Turning

In CNC turning a piece of stock is rotated against a stationary tool. Material is removed to produce a profiled cylindrical part.

We have a remanufactered CNC Lathe with capabilities to turn all materials from engineering plastics to hardened steels.

3d cad design

Your part starts here. We take your idea’s and turn them into a 3d drawing. We check for clashes, make sure everything fits and ensure it works.

We take those drawings and use them to program the CNC machines and toolpaths. Your part finished is the final step.

3D CAD Design in Lincolnshire


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Yes we can use our CNC milling machine and CNC Lathe for large production runs of precision engineered parts.

Fast prototyping is one of our strengths. We take your design from the drawing board, or 3d cad design software, through to production in the quickest possible time. Your parts are in your hand quickly and accurately.

Should you need a part engineered precisely then we are more than happy to help. As a small precision and general engineering firm we love to help you whatever the size of your project.

Yes. We have a brand new state of the art Haas CNC Milling Machine.

Yes. We have a Hardinge HLV CNC Lathe. Our CNC Lathe has recently been refurbished back to factory tolerances.