Information on CNC Machining

What is CNC Milling

CNC Milling is the process in which a solid piece of original stock material has part of it removed in a predetermined way to shape a final part. This is done by a rotating tool, much like a drill, that can withstand the side forces generated in the specialist process. In CNC milling the movements of the end mill are controlled by a computer so that give you very precise and repeatable parts. CNC milling is similar to manual milling though in the latter the movement is controlled by hand wheels rather than CNC (Computer numerical Control).

Is CNC milling expensive

CNC machining of all types, CNC milling, CNC turning on CNC lathes, CNC Spark Eroding is not the cheapest process in engineering. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive either. CNC milling becomes expensive when you have small one-offs, need to CNC fast prototypes or have a complex part where you may need more than a standard three axis CNC machine. This is due to the design and set-up time for all jobs. If you have three hours of design, set-up and CNC milling time to produce a part then maybe only 15 minutes of that is actual CNC machine time. If for arguments and sake and ease time was charged at £100 per hour (don’t worry it’s nowhere near that) then your part costs £300 per finished part. Now as the CNC machining time was only 15 minutes, which equals £25, if you were to do two of these parts the cost per part drops to £162.50 as there is only CNC machining time to account for on the second one. If you need 10 of these parts then  the total cost is £525 and cost per part drops significantly to £52.50.

We specialise in small production runs. one-offs and fast prototyping here in Lincolnshire. As we are set up for this fast turnaround jobs we can keep the design and set-up time to a minimum. Adversely if you are looking for a large production run of CNC machined parts then we are also cost effective for that too.

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What Parts Can be made on a CNC Mill?

Pretty much most things can be made on a CNC milling machine is the quick answer. The long answer is that the best type of parts to be CNC machined are small to mid size 3D parts with complex geometries. Flat parts are more efficiently cut on a CNC Laser Cutter, Cylindrical parts, depending on size and profile, are often more efficiently cut on a CNC Lathe.

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Deep in the Dark has invested in the latest CNC milling machinery and are ready to produce your parts quickly, efficiently and at the right price. Our machinery is second to none but as a small business it’s our service that really sets us apart. We treat each sub contract job as if it were one of our own and make sure you the end product exceeds your expectations.

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