CNC Machining Lincolnshire

CNC Milling Machine in Lincolnshire
Our Haas CNC Miiling Machine - Lincolnshire

The CNC Machine

Our brand new Haas CNC Milling Machine is very capable. Travels of 400mm x 300mm x 250mm in the X, Y, and Z Axis. 
Plenty of horse power at the spindle for hard steels. Super accurate to make light work of the toughest jobs.


  • Rigid Tapping
  • Thread Milling
  • Up to 70mm tool Diameter
  • Max Weight on the table 200KG
  • Chamfering
  • Contouring
  • 6K Spindle RPM
  • CNC Milling in Lincolnshire

CNC Machining in Lincolnshire has never been easier.

Deep in the Dark was started to manfacture scuba diving equipment for the most demanding dives. We soon realised that the same skills we have for producing dive gear are are  also needed by you.

We opened up our CNC Machining department to the wider business community to give you precision CNC engineering at a fair price.

Specialising in CNC Machining engineering plastics and Aluminium our CNC Milling Machines also have the capabilities to machine all steels up to 55-60 HRC. 

Complex engineering tasks are no problem to us. We have a brand new Haas CNC Milling Machine and a reground Hardinge HLV Lathe. This state of the art equipment alows us to succeed on even the most complicated parts.

Send your drawings to us now and let us get your project moving.

Send your drawings now

If you’re looking for Pre-Machined parts for the Technical Diving industry then head over to our sister site here: Technical and Cave Diving Gear

But if you’re looking to get a fast prototyping or bespoke project finished quickly and efficiently then call us now and leverage our CNC Milling capabilities 01427 787 753